Is Your Advisor Worth It? Vanguard Weighs in.

How do you know you’re getting your money’s worth when working with a financial advisor? Certainly peace of mind is a big part of the value proposition for most clients. One colleague is in the habit of saying that “we sell sleep.” But how do you quantify the value of psychological well-being because you’re working with a competent financial planner? You can’t.

Being Smart with your Stock Options

Today employee stock options don’t provoke the same heart pounding exhilaration as the 90s. But stock options still have their place and can be a valuable part of your compensation package at established and emerging companies.

Guilt About Higher Education

This time of year can be bittersweet for members of the upper muddle class. There can be elation when they find out years of hard work have been rewarded with an acceptance to a good college. But this is tempered by fears about how their families will pay for school.

The Upside of a Low Income Year

As painful as it might be, you don’t want to let a low income year go to waste. Instead when your federal tax rate is low, take a look these options and enjoy the perks of low income.

Money on the Sidewalk

If you saw a five dollar bill on a deserted sidewalk, you’d probably pick it up. Strangely enough, many of you regularly leave bags of money with your name on them in the human resources department of your employer.

Investing Advice from Nobel Prize Winners

The 2013 Nobel Prize in Economics was awarded to three Americans who have contributed mightily to our understanding of market fluctuations. Let’s examine their conclusions in lay terms that can be used to improve your investing wisdom.

Does your portfolio need a little less euro?

Many of you believe that investing internationally is a poor idea — at least right now. But before you liquidate, just consider: Are you just selling low? By the time everyone is sanguine about the European economy, it may be too late to benefit from the gains.