Fighting the Equifax Credit Breach

While our eyes were trained on a catastrophic hurricane in the Caribbean, a proverbial storm of the Equifax credit breach brought chaos into the lives of most adult Americans regardless of where they live.   If you are an adult reading this, it’s likely you have been affected and your data has been compromised.  By Equifax’s […]

Three Ways a Free Dinner Can Cost You a Fortune

By the time you’ve reached your 40s and live in an affluent community, you probably have received at least one alluring invitation for a free meal at a fine restaurant.  Of course if you accept a high-quality meal, you suspect you’ll have to eat through a sales pitch.  You just hope that it’s not so […]

Instilling Great Money Habits By Making a Game of It

The best way to raise money-smart children is to use the teachable moments of everyday life to develop good spending habits.  The holiday season is upon us and with it are annual food drives for area food banks. Contributing to a food drive presents a golden opportunity to do good, build money skills and have […]

Can You Benefit from Brexit?

Last month’s UK vote to leave the European Union delivered an unexpected shock to the world’s financial system.  Stock markets generally do not react well to uncertainty, which the Brexit vote introduced.   The fact that UK pollsters largely got this vote wrong added to chaos as world markets reeled in its wake as financial analysts […]

House Rich and Cash Flow Poor?

House Rich and Cash Flow Poor? Boulder County homeowners have seen the value of many of their investments decline so far this year, while most local real estate holdings have been moving upwards at a rapid clip.  Talk of the Google effect continues nonstop among local real estate buyers and sellers.  It’s reached such a […]

What Is a Fiduciary Advisor and Should I Care?

If you’ve been reading the business pages, you may have heard the word “fiduciary” thrown around when it comes to people who give advice on retirement investments. The Department of Labor, of all agencies, is proposing significant new requirements for advisors that could have a dramatic effect on who can offer guidance on retirement plans […]

Family Financial Conversations over the Holidays

If you’re like most Boulder County residents, you don’t live close to extended family.  In casual conversation it’s almost rare to discover an adult who was actually born here.  Less than one-third of us were born in Colorado (let alone Boulder County) according to the most recent Boulder County TRENDS report.   New residents keep coming […]