The Financial Planning Process

Confluence Financial Advisors provides fee-only comprehensive financial planning to families, executives, and entrepreneurs seeking financial independence. Clients are families facing the dual challenges of college and retirement funding. They are executives who want solid retirement plans that don’t require compromising current lifestyles, and they are entrepreneurs passionate about creating successful companies from their dreams. Located in Boulder, the firm serves clients throughout the Boulder/Denver metro area and across the United States.

Prospective clients embrace the concept that money alone is not enough; it must be partnered with one’s goals and values to create a rich, fulfilling life. At Confluence Financial Advisors, we guide our through a planning process that integrates investments, taxes, budgets, estate planning and real estate to construct a plan tailored to meet our clients’ goals. Fee-only eliminates conflicts of interests that exist with stockbrokers, agents, or advisors who work on a commission basis.

Getting Started: Assess where you are today, develop spending plans as appropriate, and address any urgent issues you may have. A solid foundation is the key to reaching financial independence.

Goal Setting: Where do you want to go? Who and what is the money for? Retirement? College funding? New house or business? Travel? Knowing the answers to these financial planning questions helps us make sure you’re on the proper path to reach your desired destination.

Your Net Worth: Analyze existing investment portfolios, real estate, business, and other assets. Evaluate mortgages and rental properties and provide recommendations for optimizing these. Determine the appropriate asset allocations and create your wealth management action plan.

Investment Plan and Implementation: Develop and implement your wealth management plan. Identify how your investments will be used to fund retirement, college, travel, a horse farm, new business or any other goals you have established. Proper wealth management involves optimizing investment allocations across taxable, tax-deferred, and tax-free accounts. Tax-efficient, cost-effective investments are recommended.

Insurance Review: Evaluate your existing policies and provide you recommendations for coverage suitable to your situation. This includes recommendations for selecting options available through employer benefit programs. We don’t sell insurance so you benefit from our objective review. The best financial plans can be derailed without appropriate protection from risk.

Estate Planning: Assess wills, trusts, health care and other estate documents you have, educate you on what you may need, and then nudge you (nicely) to put missing pieces in place. We will arrange a meeting with an estate planning attorney if you wish.

Tax Planning: Review your current situation and provide recommendations for reducing your tax burden. Your tax bill is one of your largest annual expenses so we incorporate tax planning throughout our financial planning process to save you money.

Contact us for an appointment today. We are committed to helping you build a secure and independent financial future through sound financial planning for your wealth management.