Fee-Only Investment Management

Sound investment management begins with understanding your financial goals. Knowing “when” and “what the money is for” plays a key role in determining appropriate investment plans for each of our clients.

We are a fee-only financial advisory firm. Our investment advice is based on what is best for you, the client. Our investment management philosophy is centered on the belief that proper diversification and asset allocation are important components of financial success. We help you identify the proper mix of assets and then select low-cost high quality investments such as no-load mutual funds or ETFs to construct your portfolio.

Your portfolios are implemented with the long-term in mind rather than ‘hot tip of the day’ trading. Minimizing the transaction costs and tax costs of investing keeps more dollars in your portfolio and helps you reach your financial goals more quickly. In addition to asset allocation, we incorporate asset location in our investment strategy to minimize your tax obligations as much as possible.

We are pleased to offer clients mutual funds from Dimensional Fund Advisors (DFA), among other high quality investment companies. The funds we use are no-load, have no 12b-1 fees, and feature low expense ratios. We are partnered with Schwab Institutional and Shareholder Services Group enabling us to provide low-cost, high-quality investment management.

Contact us for more information about fee-only investment management and what it can do for you and your portfolio.

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