Our Service Offerings

Our clients are happy, successful people who are busy balancing work with play, family life with volunteering and community involvement. People who enjoy life and understand that to make the most of it they can benefit from a knowledgeable guide who will help them manage their finances in a complex financial environment.

At Confluence Financial Advisors we provide comprehensive financial planning to individuals and families, executives, professionals, and business owners seeking financial independence. We use a planning process that educates and guides you through your tradeoffs and options. You can set worrying aside and feel confident you’ll reach your goals. In a word, clarity.


Financial Partnership

Our financial partnership provides open door ongoing access to our expertise as well as the Comprehensive Financial and Investment Planning Process. This process is a series of appointments designed to take an in-depth look at each aspect of your finances to integrate and optimize them.


Your Financial Baseline

  • Your Financial Review, we cover:
    • Spending Plans
    • Identity and Credit Protection
    • Money Personalities
    • Real Estate
  • Your Ideal Financial Future
    • What are your goals, dreams, and aspirations?
    • What’s the money for?
      • Retirement? Travel? College? A new home or business? Or perhaps all of the above?
    • Your goals and dreams are unique. Knowing yours lets us create a financial plan that ensures you will fulfill them.
  • Complete paperwork for streamlining and consolidating your investment accounts
Stock Market


The cornerstone to building your wealth lies with your investments. We believe long term maximization of your wealth is best achieved by maintaining well-diversified portfolios using high quality, low cost investments, rebalanced to preserve the target asset allocation deemed appropriate for your situation.

  • Determine appropriate asset allocation, present recommended portfolio and Investment Policy Statement (IPS).
    • For those nearing or in retirement, we carefully construct portfolios designed to produce the cash you need to preserve your lifestyle and provide you with peace of mind.
  • Develop and implement your investment plan, incorporating available tax-saving measures.
  • Review stock options, grants, and other long-term incentives to optimize their use and grow your wealth.
  • We are approved to offer index-based mutual funds from Dimensional Fund Advisors, the award-winning firm recognized as leaders of the Science of Investing.
  • Two full service custodial options are available to you: Charles Schwab and Co, and Shareholder Services Group (SSG).


Properly protecting your wealth is as important as building and growing it.

We provide an objective review of the insurance policies you own to ensure they are appropriate and of good quality. We identify areas of exposure to risk and liability and offer recommendations for addressing these.


Tax planning

The U.S. Tax Code has averaged over 400 changes annually making it the most complex in the world. With complexity, however, comes opportunity. Your tax bill is one of your largest annual expenses so we stay abreast of these changes to take advantage of those that apply to your tax situation.

We incorporate tax planning throughout our financial planning process. We coordinate tax preparation with you and your CPA to capture all tax savings available to you.

Stock options, Restricted Stock Units, Employee Stock Purchase Plans, Deferred Compensation, and other Long Term Incentive plans have important considerations for tax planning. We assess the options available so you understand the impact and opportunities.

Estate Planning

Estate planning

Plans for providing for your heirs, leaving a legacy, and making your wishes known are discussed during this meeting. We determine the appropriateness of wills, trusts, health care and other estate documents for your situation.

We are not attorneys so we will recommend an estate attorney if desired. We will even nudge you (nicely) to put the missing pieces of your estate plan in place.

Our Continuing Partnership

Life is not static. Nor should your financial plan be. By partnering with us you’ll create a financial plan that is dynamic – just like your life. After our initial year of work together, we keep the momentum going through targeted meetings that keep you on track. Our door is always open; if anything in your life changes that impacts your finances we encourage you to contact us so we can help make the most of it. Our Partnership includes continued open door access to our support and expertise year- round.

First Quarter Review

  • Celebrate highlights and accomplishments of the prior year
  • Create new goals and reprioritize existing goals for the coming year
  • Review the Financial Fundamentals
  • Review progress against your Financial Baseline
  • Rebalance portfolios as needed to address new funds coming in, existing funds needed for the coming year, and maximize tax savings.
  • Assist with tax preparation to ensure you capture all recommendations made during our tax planning meeting

Your Net Worth and Investments Update

  • A thorough review of your current overall net worth, growth in wealth, and investment portfolio.
  • Review of stock options, employee stock purchase plans (ESPPs) and other incentives to optimize their use based on your specific situation.
  • Rebalance of your portfolio.
  • Review real estate.
  • Update and maintenance of Your Retirement Paycheck, for those of you living and celebrating the Financial Independence stage of life.

Tax Planning and Rotating Review (Insurance, Estate Planning, and other Financial Planning topics)

  • We review tax code changes to ensure we are doing all we can to minimize your tax obligation.
  • We revisit your situation and make recommendations based on changes in legislation, markets and your life to ensure your finances are working for you.

To learn more about The Financial Partnership Contact Us today.


Investment Management

Investment Management is a core component of The Financial Partnership we provide. In certain situations we recognize you may decide you would like to work with us strictly for management of your investment portfolios. We offer investment management as a stand-alone service.

We offer high quality, tax-efficient investment management through:

  • Calculation of the target asset allocation for your portfolio.
  • Design and implementation of a portfolio that integrates your investment accounts. This includes brokerage accounts, individual and employer retirement accounts, and other investable assets. Asset allocation and asset location are optimized for your individual situation.
  • Open Door ongoing access to our investment expertise.
  • Design, implementation, and management of an investment portfolio that addresses your specific needs.
  • Two Investment Review meetings annually. During each meeting we:
    • Review the performance of your portfolio
    • Address needs for inflows/outflows for the coming year
    • Rebalance your portfolio to the target asset allocation.

To learn more about our Investment Management Contact Us today.

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