Are You Invested Wisely? Imagine the Worst.

If I had to know just one thing about an investment portfolio, it would be its overall asset allocation.   The portion of your investments in equities (such as stock mutual funds) and fixed-income (such as bond or stable value funds) tells us more about its performance than anything else. Over long periods it’s mattered much […]

You May Be Closer to Retirement Than You Think

For many of us, successful retirement is the most important long-term financial goal. In many ways it’s the ultimate form of deferring gratification. You set aside money now to support a better life years from now. As important as this is, it’s daunting to think about replacing your current income with investment earnings and what […]

Disability Insurance and Alec Burks

The crowd groaned as University of Colorado basketball star Alec Burks hit the floor hard in the Big 12 semifinals against Kansas. His family watched from courtside while he lay motionless on the floor. Thoughts of CU’s chances in the championship tournament and an expected bid to the NCAA tourney were secondary as onlookers were […]

Do You Need a Tax Preparer to Help with your 1040 Form?

With tax season upon us, you have a decision to make. Should you file your tax return the old fashioned way with pen and paper tax forms? Do-it-yourselfers might prefer affordable online and software tax preparation applications. Delegators can choose a franchised tax prep service or a qualified tax preparer — preferably a CPA or […]