A Dollar Is Rarely Worth a Dollar

Last week University of Chicago Professor Richard Thaler won the Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences for his work in the growing research area of behavioral economics.  Unlike many Nobel Prize winners, much of Thaler’s work is relatively easy to understand by the layperson and can be widely used to improve our lives. Much of Thaler’s […]

Taxing changes for next year

While we prefer to look at client tax situations before the snow falls, in 2012, like many recent years, it may pay to wait until early December to make significant tax moves. But it still makes sense now to be aware of the likely changes and take steps to limit what you’ll owe in April.

Fighting the herd mentality

Going with the herd can hurt you when plunging into a sure-fire investment winner (greed) or fleeing the ongoing collapse of another (fear). A herd mentality can trample your financial future.

Why you should care about Europe’s woes

Economic news junkies have had plenty to chew on over the past few weeks. The national debt crisis is behind us at the moment, and now we wait on the congressional super committee on the budget to come out with its recommendations later this month. In the meantime, our worry du jour is the Eurozone […]