Doing Good With Your Investment Dollars

We are in the midst of a historically long period of growth in the US stock market.  Yet the euphoria for many Colorado investors is tempered by questions about our country’s future.  If you have followed classic advice about diversified investments, it’s likely that you own shares in companies behind initiatives not aligned with your […]

Accessing Your Retirement Money Early

If you wait until your 60s to retire, accessing your retirement savings is a straightforward proposition.  You can tap your Traditional IRA, Roth IRA, taxable investment accounts, and most work retirement plans without penalty.  But what if you need funds sooner than that? First, I should say we won’t consider whether you should access retirement […]

A Dollar Is Rarely Worth a Dollar

Last week University of Chicago Professor Richard Thaler won the Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences for his work in the growing research area of behavioral economics.  Unlike many Nobel Prize winners, much of Thaler’s work is relatively easy to understand by the layperson and can be widely used to improve our lives. Much of Thaler’s […]

How Does Your Financial Health Stack Up?

One of the most common questions from prospective clients can be boiled down to this: how are we doing?  In our culture, our finances are often kept secret even from extended family.  We don’t have anyone to talk to about our financial strength (or weakness) besides our spouse and that’s only if you’re married. Sure […]

Where Your Next Dollar Should Go

Personal financial planning is all about setting priorities and then putting your resources to work to achieve them, while covering the big risks that could derail your financial future.  The thought is you want to give every dollar that comes into your bank account a job. Whether you’re a mid-career serial entrepreneur or in your […]

Are You Invested Wisely? Imagine the Worst.

If I had to know just one thing about an investment portfolio, it would be its overall asset allocation.   The portion of your investments in equities (such as stock mutual funds) and fixed-income (such as bond or stable value funds) tells us more about its performance than anything else. Over long periods it’s mattered much […]

Your financial vital signs

When go to the doctor for a checkup, the first thing they do is take your blood pressure and pulse. Within minutes you know the most critical data to your physical health. If only your financial vital signs were as easy to measure. Among these signs, your income is the easiest to determine as most […]

What Kind of Spender Are You?

What is your money personality? We all have one and it can have a profound impact on your financial health. While there is much a financial planner can do to lay out a plan for a bright financial future, much of your success ultimately rests in your hands. How much you earn, spend, and save […]

How the Debt Debate Affects You

The federal debt crisis has gripped the financial world, while Coloradans shake their heads at Washington ineptitude and wonder how it will affect our everyday lives. It’s been a macabre game of political chicken. Although instead of watching the two sides hurtling toward each other from afar, we have been unlucky hitchhikers along for the […]

The Importance of Saving Money

Why go through the trouble of saving money? Most of us have a natural inclination to spend it now and be immediately gratified rather than sock it away. It seems the siren song of the spendthrift has rarely been so alluring. Deferring gratification may seem like a good strategy when the payoff is significant and […]

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