Making Hard College Decisions

If you have a graduating senior who’s off to college, you have probably already sent in your deposit with May 1st being the deadline for many selective universities.   College selection is a process fraught with emotion for many parents.  Among selective schools, there is much more competition than there was a generation ago.  There is […]

Guilt About Higher Education

This time of year can be bittersweet for members of the upper muddle class. There can be elation when they find out years of hard work have been rewarded with an acceptance to a good college. But this is tempered by fears about how their families will pay for school.

The higher education credit card

Almost two weeks ago, Boulder hosted its first presidential visit since the Eisenhower era. President Obama’s stop at The Sink and the yogurt incident became local legends. Now that the phalanx of helicopters has left town, we should think about the topic of his speech — higher education and student loans. The thrust of his […]

Grants, Part-Time Work Can Limit Higher Ed Debt

Higher education commands reverence in Boulder County. National publications report that we are one of the most educated metropolitan areas in the country. Educated parents naturally beget educated children and accordingly most area residents see higher education as a necessity. We are also tremendously concerned about funding higher education. Recently its cost has increased at […]

Calculating Financial Aid Can Be Tricky Before College Admission

Many high school seniors already have embarked upon the nerve-racking process of applying to a private college. Historically they wouldn’t worry about college deadlines until after the holidays. Now that we are in the Era of Early Decision, some students must submit applications as early as Nov. 1. Early Decision turns up the heat on […]