Dealing with Tax Uncertainty

This week, the Senate will consider tax reform in the wake of its passage in the House. Washington watchers of all stripes are showing legislative forecasting fatigue. Congress has been embroiled in debate on tax reform, the future of the Affordable Care Act and other topics. Little substantive legislation has been passed. With tax reform […]

Accessing Your Retirement Money Early

If you wait until your 60s to retire, accessing your retirement savings is a straightforward proposition.  You can tap your Traditional IRA, Roth IRA, taxable investment accounts, and most work retirement plans without penalty.  But what if you need funds sooner than that? First, I should say we won’t consider whether you should access retirement […]

Secret to Building Wealth

-By Dave Gardner The other day I was talking to a CU professor who is nearing retirement.  When she stops working, she won’t have financial worry because of her tremendous job building up her CU retirement plan as well as properties, most of which she owns outright.  While she is well paid by the university, […]

How the Debt Debate Affects You

The federal debt crisis has gripped the financial world, while Coloradans shake their heads at Washington ineptitude and wonder how it will affect our everyday lives. It’s been a macabre game of political chicken. Although instead of watching the two sides hurtling toward each other from afar, we have been unlucky hitchhikers along for the […]

The Importance of Saving Money

Why go through the trouble of saving money? Most of us have a natural inclination to spend it now and be immediately gratified rather than sock it away. It seems the siren song of the spendthrift has rarely been so alluring. Deferring gratification may seem like a good strategy when the payoff is significant and […]

New Ways to Secure Financial Independence

Do you worry about being able to pay for retirement? Going from the accumulation stage when you’re salting money away into your 401(k) to the distribution stage when you’re withdrawing funds is a stressful transition. Even those with ample financial resources have concerns about a disappearing paycheck. A salve to this stress is a defined […]

New Credit Rules for Stay-At-Home Spouses

You have a good credit score. Your family has a steady income and you spend far less than you earn. You have zero balances on all of your credit cards and have no debt besides a reasonable mortgage. In spite of your sterling credit, recent rules issued may cut off new credit to stay-at-home spouses. […]

When the Financial Driver is Gone

Every couple seems to have one person in the financial driver’s seat. This is usually not a question of power or who earns the most, but a rational response to the complexity of our lives. Today’s families deal with several financial companies, and having one person navigate the monetary minefield is natural step. But this […]

Changing Your Investor Mind

Even if an investment appears to guarantee impressive returns, you must understand how you would get out if you needed your money. “Planning for divorce” is a key step with most significant financial decisions. There are many valid and potentially lucrative business opportunities that are hard to unwind. You should expect higher returns for this […]

So How did Your Stock Portfolio do in 2010?

With 2010 in the books, your inbox and mailbox has already been flooded with annual investment statements. For most of you, it was a positive year thanks to the strong fourth quarter. You would probably say last year went pretty well for your investments. Certainly in absolute terms, this is true for most of us. […]

Don’t Get Caught Up in Shady Investments

For Boulder County investors, 2010 has been a year of fraud. We have seen an unprecedented number of seemingly unrelated schemes that have squandered the savings of many unfortunate investors. While this column has covered fraud in the past, this year’s crop merits a fresh look. The latest case surfaced last week when former Boulder […]