How the Debt Debate Affects You

The federal debt crisis has gripped the financial world, while Coloradans shake their heads at Washington ineptitude and wonder how it will affect our everyday lives. It’s been a macabre game of political chicken. Although instead of watching the two sides hurtling toward each other from afar, we have been unlucky hitchhikers along for the […]

Study Gold’s History Before You Invest

Should you invest in gold? Many investors believe that gold is the best investment of all. Late-night ads for gold are commonplace and GLD is now one of the three largest ETFs. Boulder Valley residents have had an appreciation of gold since the big strike in Gold Hill more than 150 years ago. But what […]

The Three T’s of Superior Portfolio Returns

Most investors aspire to superior portfolio performance. It’s what drives us to seek alpha, the additional return of a particular investment over its asset class. But alpha isn’t necessary to surpass your fellow investors. By keeping in mind the 3 T’s — Timing, Transactions, and Taxes — above average returns could be yours. Let’s first […]