Five Keys to Quality Insurance

It’s a bill we pay every six months, yet if all goes well we never financially benefit from it.  It’s property and casualty insurance, which for most people means homeowners, auto, liability including umbrella coverage, and renter’s insurance.  You may have given little thought to your insurance company.  If you’ve watched sports on TV in […]

Does Your Medicare Policy Need a Check Up?

Rising health care costs are often cited as people’s number one retirement concern.  So why is it that only 10-15% of retirees re-evaluate and change their Medicare coverage during the annual open enrollment period each year?  According to a series of focus groups conducted by the Kaiser Family Foundation, many retirees don’t review their coverage […]

Social Security: Not Just for Retirees

If you’re under 50, you’re probably not counting on Social Security.  This lack of confidence is striking when you consider you’ve been paying into it for your entire working life with up to 6.2 percent of your pay withheld and your employer matching that contribution.  In a Gallup poll of nonretirees in April, 71 percent […]

The Good News About Long-Term Care

In my last column, we covered the “bad news” about long-term care, which is the care needed inside the home or in a facility when you are no longer able to care for yourself.  Most who have successfully saved for retirement will not be eligible for Medicaid and must look to other resources in the […]

The Bad News About Long-Term Care

If you have a loved one who needed end of life care, you’re probably well aware of the high costs of long-term care services.  Long-term care generally refers to the help needed when people cannot perform two or more so-called activities of daily living, such as dressing and bathing.  This care includes home based assistance, […]

Is Life Insurance Through Work Enough?

Most professionals who work at a private company, non-profit, or governmental entity have some level of free life insurance. Local examples are University of Colorado, the federal government, and IBM employees, which have subsidized or free term life insurance.  It’s a nice perk to have, but you may wonder if you should purchase more life […]

When Should You Use Your Insurance?

Insurance was on our minds a year ago with the historic floods that came to Boulder County. With many homes a complete loss, there was no question about filing a claim with an insurer. But most of the time when we suffer a loss, it’s not such a clear cut decision to file.

When the Financial Driver is Gone

Every couple seems to have one person in the financial driver’s seat. This is usually not a question of power or who earns the most, but a rational response to the complexity of our lives. Today’s families deal with several financial companies, and having one person navigate the monetary minefield is natural step. But this […]

Changing Your Investor Mind

Even if an investment appears to guarantee impressive returns, you must understand how you would get out if you needed your money. “Planning for divorce” is a key step with most significant financial decisions. There are many valid and potentially lucrative business opportunities that are hard to unwind. You should expect higher returns for this […]

What’s Your Long-Term Care Plan?

Even though you may not know it, you probably have a long-term care plan. You may not have shared it with your spouse or family, or articulated it out loud. If you’re in your 50s or older, deep down you have an idea of what would happen if you or your spouse needed assistance to […]