Should You Invest in ETFs?

If you’re not an experienced investor you may not have heard about ETFs, which are an increasingly common way to invest at a low cost.   We’ll take a close look at ETFs to determine if they are right for you when it comes to saving for your future, including its advantages and pitfalls. Why should […]

Four Reasons to Ignore Dow 20,000

At the end of last year, it seemed almost every day the Dow set a new all-time record.  The Dow is likely to reach the 20,000 threshold in the weeks to come (if it hasn’t happened already).  But is this important and what does it portend for your financial future? The Dow, short for the […]

A Simpler Alternative for Adults with Special Needs

For those who raise a child with special needs, there is concern about both today and tomorrow.  Today’s concerns can be securing and affording the right education, caring for the child, and giving them access to the therapies they need to improve their quality of life.  The concerns shift to tomorrow when you wonder whether […]

Are You Invested Wisely? Imagine the Worst.

If I had to know just one thing about an investment portfolio, it would be its overall asset allocation.   The portion of your investments in equities (such as stock mutual funds) and fixed-income (such as bond or stable value funds) tells us more about its performance than anything else. Over long periods it’s mattered much […]

Social Security and Medicare Changes for Some Boomers

When Congress voted to raise the debt ceiling two weeks ago, there was widespread relief that we would be spared a government shutdown. While largely lauded, this legislation did include obscure provisions that impact Medicare and Social Security. For some boomers these changes could cut Social Security benefits by over $50,000 over four years. Let’s […]

Does your portfolio need a little less euro?

Many of you believe that investing internationally is a poor idea — at least right now. But before you liquidate, just consider: Are you just selling low? By the time everyone is sanguine about the European economy, it may be too late to benefit from the gains.

Fighting the herd mentality

Going with the herd can hurt you when plunging into a sure-fire investment winner (greed) or fleeing the ongoing collapse of another (fear). A herd mentality can trample your financial future.

The retirement gut brain

You have been a good saver and savvy investor for most of your life. Living beneath your means for years, you have contributed the maximum to your retirement plan at work. Not satisfied with putting away $22,000 a year, you have other savings: a rental property, a joint investment account or an additional retirement plan. […]

Why you should care about Europe’s woes

Economic news junkies have had plenty to chew on over the past few weeks. The national debt crisis is behind us at the moment, and now we wait on the congressional super committee on the budget to come out with its recommendations later this month. In the meantime, our worry du jour is the Eurozone […]