Three Ways a Free Dinner Can Cost You a Fortune

By the time you’ve reached your 40s and live in an affluent community, you probably have received at least one alluring invitation for a free meal at a fine restaurant.  Of course if you accept a high-quality meal, you suspect you’ll have to eat through a sales pitch.  You just hope that it’s not so […]

Social Security: Not Just for Retirees

If you’re under 50, you’re probably not counting on Social Security.  This lack of confidence is striking when you consider you’ve been paying into it for your entire working life with up to 6.2 percent of your pay withheld and your employer matching that contribution.  In a Gallup poll of nonretirees in April, 71 percent […]

Is Life Insurance Through Work Enough?

Most professionals who work at a private company, non-profit, or governmental entity have some level of free life insurance. Local examples are University of Colorado, the federal government, and IBM employees, which have subsidized or free term life insurance.  It’s a nice perk to have, but you may wonder if you should purchase more life […]

Tax pitfalls with surprising penalties

Death and taxes. Both are unavoidable, but at least one of them can be minimized while alive and by your heirs once you’re gone. Q: My mother-in-law currently has a CD that has come due. Is it true that upon death her CD would be taxed to the beneficiaries as regular income? A: Interest on CDs is […]

Social Security Worthless? Think Again

You probably revere Social Security if you receive a monthly check. You may wish it were higher and was increasing the last couple of years, but you are happy for the benefit. It may be your one regular “paycheck” now that you’ve retired. If you still contribute to Social Security, you may see it in […]