The Four Keys to a Satisfying Retirement

There are many milestones that signal you’re close to retirement.  It could be that you’ve put your kids through college and its painful tuition bills.  You’re attending an increasing number of work parties celebrating many years of loyal service.  You or a loved one may have suffered a health scare or setback reminding you that […]

Social Security and Medicare Changes for Some Boomers

When Congress voted to raise the debt ceiling two weeks ago, there was widespread relief that we would be spared a government shutdown. While largely lauded, this legislation did include obscure provisions that impact Medicare and Social Security. For some boomers these changes could cut Social Security benefits by over $50,000 over four years. Let’s […]

When the Financial Driver is Gone

Every couple seems to have one person in the financial driver’s seat. This is usually not a question of power or who earns the most, but a rational response to the complexity of our lives. Today’s families deal with several financial companies, and having one person navigate the monetary minefield is natural step. But this […]

You May Be Closer to Retirement Than You Think

For many of us, successful retirement is the most important long-term financial goal. In many ways it’s the ultimate form of deferring gratification. You set aside money now to support a better life years from now. As important as this is, it’s daunting to think about replacing your current income with investment earnings and what […]

Don’t Overlook the Power of a Pension

A defined benefit pension is an anachronism — like Mad Men enjoying a two-martini lunch in their smart fedoras and skinny ties. Although being a company man in the ’60s had its downsides, retiring with a guaranteed pension for the rest of his life was not one of them. Defined benefit pensions make a fairly […]

Changing Your Investor Mind

Even if an investment appears to guarantee impressive returns, you must understand how you would get out if you needed your money. “Planning for divorce” is a key step with most significant financial decisions. There are many valid and potentially lucrative business opportunities that are hard to unwind. You should expect higher returns for this […]