Irrational Pessimism

The stock market over the past two weeks has left investors moribund with declines in some indexes exceeding 20 percent from the year’s high — official Bear Market territory. While stocks worldwide took significant hits in the wake of the debt ceiling negotiations, the coup de grace was the downgrade of U.S. Treasuries by Standard […]

New Ways to Secure Financial Independence

Do you worry about being able to pay for retirement? Going from the accumulation stage when you’re salting money away into your 401(k) to the distribution stage when you’re withdrawing funds is a stressful transition. Even those with ample financial resources have concerns about a disappearing paycheck. A salve to this stress is a defined […]

When the Financial Driver is Gone

Every couple seems to have one person in the financial driver’s seat. This is usually not a question of power or who earns the most, but a rational response to the complexity of our lives. Today’s families deal with several financial companies, and having one person navigate the monetary minefield is natural step. But this […]

Do You Need a Tax Preparer to Help with your 1040 Form?

With tax season upon us, you have a decision to make. Should you file your tax return the old fashioned way with pen and paper tax forms? Do-it-yourselfers might prefer affordable online and software tax preparation applications. Delegators can choose a franchised tax prep service or a qualified tax preparer — preferably a CPA or […]

Be Careful with Advice on 2011’s Hottest Investments

At the end of the year, the financial press is filled with financial retrospectives and prognostications. Pick up your favorite monthly financial magazine and you’re treated to articles that tell you the best stocks and mutual funds to own for 2011. That a calendar event has any bearing on why it may be time to […]

Are You Comfortable Taking Risks?

Perhaps the most critical decision you can make about investment management is how much risk to take. Once you have determined an appropriate level of risk, you can start making asset allocation decisions such as the percentage of your portfolio to be held in stocks. This analysis is vital to your financial success as asset […]