Are Airline Flyer Miles Worth Your Time?

As our recent cool weather in Colorado reminds us, fall is here and snow is near.  While many of us take it as a signal to get our skis ready for the season, it may spur you to plan a warm weather vacation for when the days are short and frigid.   Instead of having to […]

Leveraging Your Paycheck Through Your Company ESPP

Employee Stock Purchase Plans (ESPPs) are a benefit offered by over 50% of publicly traded companies, yet fewer than one-third of eligible participants use them.  This often-overlooked benefit is a great way to grow your wealth. Unlike other types of stock plans such as Incentive Stock Options (ISOs) or Nonqualified Stock Options (NSOs), generally any […]

The retirement gut brain

You have been a good saver and savvy investor for most of your life. Living beneath your means for years, you have contributed the maximum to your retirement plan at work. Not satisfied with putting away $22,000 a year, you have other savings: a rental property, a joint investment account or an additional retirement plan. […]

Grants, Part-Time Work Can Limit Higher Ed Debt

Higher education commands reverence in Boulder County. National publications report that we are one of the most educated metropolitan areas in the country. Educated parents naturally beget educated children and accordingly most area residents see higher education as a necessity. We are also tremendously concerned about funding higher education. Recently its cost has increased at […]