A Gift to Avoid and One to Embrace for the Holidays

With the Senate passing its bill just over a week ago, it seems next year we will have a new tax law of the land.  Speculations runneth over regarding its final form, the consideration of the joint conference committee and both legislative bodies remain before it reaches the President’s desk.  A future column will address […]

Leveraging Your Paycheck Through Your Company ESPP

Employee Stock Purchase Plans (ESPPs) are a benefit offered by over 50% of publicly traded companies, yet fewer than one-third of eligible participants use them.  This often-overlooked benefit is a great way to grow your wealth. Unlike other types of stock plans such as Incentive Stock Options (ISOs) or Nonqualified Stock Options (NSOs), generally any […]

Buying Low Sounds Easy, But Is It?

Buy low and sell high.  It’s an oft-repeated phrase that is so banal, financial advisors are almost loathe to repeat it lest we sound common.  Anyone who’s glanced at the business pages or made it through a chapter in a personal finance book knows that buying investments that are priced low, and selling them when […]

How to Handle Market Volatility

Volatility is something that until last fall has been largely absent from the financial markets in the past few years.  From 2009 until 2015, the S&P 500 index of the largest publicly traded companies in the US did not suffer a negative year on a total return basis.  More recently, we went through a period […]

Are high dividend funds the income answer?

It’s no secret that retirees and others looking for investment income have suffered in our low interest rate environment.  The standards of fixed income investors – Treasury bonds, CDs, online banks, and municipal and corporate bonds – are not providing enough income for retirees to support themselves. The search for income has now led to […]

The Average Investor Trap

If sports were as predictable as poor investor behavior, you would have stopped watching ESPN long ago out of boredom. Think the Lakers win all of the time? The reigning champs are working on their third straight NBA title. As impressive as this is, it’s nothing compared to the equity markets when competing against the […]