Use the Calm to Prepare for the Bear

We are in the midst of a rather extraordinary stretch of smooth and positive stock market returns.  It’s been well over a year since we last saw a 5 percent pullback in the S&P 500, dating back to Brexit in June of last year.  This spate of peaceful markets is rare.  According to Guggenheim investments, […]

Should You Invest in ETFs?

If you’re not an experienced investor you may not have heard about ETFs, which are an increasingly common way to invest at a low cost.   We’ll take a close look at ETFs to determine if they are right for you when it comes to saving for your future, including its advantages and pitfalls. Why should […]

With Trump Elected, Have Your Finances Changed?

Most Boulder County residents, who voted for Clinton by more than a 3 to 1 margin, faced an unpleasant shock in last week’s presidential election.  Moreover, the outcome was unexpected as almost all polls showed Trump firmly in second place on the eve of the election. As the results of the election became clear, world […]

Don’t give up on stocks

With 2011 behind us, most stock investors will look back upon another subpar year. The S&P 500, the broad index of US large company stocks, ended up about even. While international diversification has been a wise strategy over time, this year the MSCI EAFE international developed market index was down more than 12 percent. Individual […]

New Ways to Secure Financial Independence

Do you worry about being able to pay for retirement? Going from the accumulation stage when you’re salting money away into your 401(k) to the distribution stage when you’re withdrawing funds is a stressful transition. Even those with ample financial resources have concerns about a disappearing paycheck. A salve to this stress is a defined […]

Be Careful with Advice on 2011’s Hottest Investments

At the end of the year, the financial press is filled with financial retrospectives and prognostications. Pick up your favorite monthly financial magazine and you’re treated to articles that tell you the best stocks and mutual funds to own for 2011. That a calendar event has any bearing on why it may be time to […]