The Upside of a Low Income Year

As painful as it might be, you don’t want to let a low income year go to waste. Instead when your federal tax rate is low, take a look these options and enjoy the perks of low income.

Taxing changes for next year

While we prefer to look at client tax situations before the snow falls, in 2012, like many recent years, it may pay to wait until early December to make significant tax moves. But it still makes sense now to be aware of the likely changes and take steps to limit what you’ll owe in April.

Tax pitfalls with surprising penalties

Death and taxes. Both are unavoidable, but at least one of them can be minimized while alive and by your heirs once you’re gone. Q: My mother-in-law currently has a CD that has come due. Is it true that upon death her CD would be taxed to the beneficiaries as regular income? A: Interest on CDs is […]

Don’t Predict; Stay Laid Back with Your Investments

Let’s say you were an oracle able to predict the future to an uncanny degree at the beginning of this year. You anticipated the uprisings in Tunisia and how they would spread throughout the Muslim world leading to the overthrow of Hosni Mubarak and other long-serving authoritarian potentates. Among the affected countries were some of […]

Do You Need a Tax Preparer to Help with your 1040 Form?

With tax season upon us, you have a decision to make. Should you file your tax return the old fashioned way with pen and paper tax forms? Do-it-yourselfers might prefer affordable online and software tax preparation applications. Delegators can choose a franchised tax prep service or a qualified tax preparer — preferably a CPA or […]

Escape Taxes for Generations

New Roth IRA rules this year invite high income earners to join the tax-free party. For them, it’s an income and estate planning opportunity nonpareil. If you have the wherewithal and will to let your Roth span generations, it could help you turn $120,000 into over $5 million with no taxes or penalties. Roth contributions […]

The Three T’s of Superior Portfolio Returns

Most investors aspire to superior portfolio performance. It’s what drives us to seek alpha, the additional return of a particular investment over its asset class. But alpha isn’t necessary to surpass your fellow investors. By keeping in mind the 3 T’s — Timing, Transactions, and Taxes — above average returns could be yours. Let’s first […]

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